Library Reviews
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Since 1996, Sarah Salerno Thomas has performed at scores of libraries in Massachusetts including all 27 branches of the Boston Public Library; Brookline; Canton; Chelmsford; Dedham; Duxbury; East Bridgewater; Everett; Framingham; Franklin; Gloucester; Grafton; Hingham; Holbrook; Ipswich; Longmeadow; Lunenberg; Manchester-By-The-Sea; Millbury; Newton; Norwell; Oxford; Peabody; Plainville; Quincy; Randolph; Rockland; Salem; Springfield; Tewksbury; Truro; Walpole; Wellfleet. Selected library appearances outside MA: Kinderhook, Saratoga, and Troy, NY; Farmington and Norfolk, CT; Warwick, RI

"A ringing telephone, a crying infant, and an overly rambunctious child offered challenges to our performers. But Sarah skillfully maneuvered them through these major distractions by incorporating the noises into the story... The day after the performance a parent came to thank us for providing such a special program for her children. They had made the all-important link to literacy. When they got home, they went to their bookshelf, selected some of their favorites, and dramatized them just as they had seen Sarah do in the afternoon!"
Linda Burke, Children's Librarian
Mattapoisett Free Public Library
Mattapoisett, MA

"I can't say enough about Sarah's wonderful brand of "guided improvisation." Over the years I've had all three of her programs at the libraries where I've worked. They are wonderfully unique and thoroughly entertaining, holding children and parents spellbound... after every performance I get to accept the thanks of thrilled parents for having offered such a fantastic program."
Elaine Weischedel, Children's Librarian
Milton Public Library
Milton, MA

"Every child, from the bold queen, to the shy fox, to the ad-libbing prince, and every child in the audience, really relished the performance. Your production is a great way for children to experience theater, celebrate fairytales, and imagine."
Catherine Piantigini, Supervisor of Children's Services
Somerville Public Library
Somerville, MA

"The parents and kids had nothing but good things to say as they left, and I continued to hear positive comments this week... Professionally, you were very easy to work with, which I appreciate greatly."
Anne Vantran, Children's Librarian
East Bridgewater Public Library
East Bridgewater, MA

"Your program was a smashing- no, electrifying success with children and parents alike... Your combination of science and creative drama is inspired."
Yvonne Coleman, Head of Children's Services
Winchester Public Library
Winchester, MA

"The audience included about 40 four to eleven-year-olds, a number of adults and eight special-needs teenagers. Everyone was delighted with the show. Sarah's production and her warm, encouraging manner engaged all in this diverse group."
Lauren B. Lepanto, Children's Librarian
West End Branch Library
Boston, MA
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"The teachers (who brought their students from the Hurley Elementary School) told me they appreciated the unique way in which you reinforced their teaching on electricity and safety and introduced their students to a form of interactive theatrical performance."
Margaret Gardner, Children's Librarian
South End Branch Library
Boston, MA

"I was in awe of your cleverness at picking just the right match for the characters. You meshed audience participation with spontaneous creativity for a delightfully entertaining performance. Readers still giggle about the fun they had."
Eileen Fitzgibbons, Children's Coordinator
Norfolk Library
Norfolk, CT

"The beautiful backdrop and masks helped the children to establish their characters and enhanced the production. The Friends of the Library provided the funds for the show, and I am happy to tell them it was money well spent."
Diane Burger, Acting Head of Young People's Service
Troy Public Library
Troy, NY

"What impressed me most in addition to Sarah's unquestionable vitality and charisma was the amount of information imparted and the level of thoughtful participation among the children. They loved every bit of it. So did the adults present."
Betsy Schulz, Children's Librarian
Brighton Branch Library
Boston, MA

"Your performance of The Singing, Ringing Tree, an interactive fairy tale, was a great success at our library. The way that you incorporated children in the audience as part of the production made it very special."
Jim Karge, Head of Children's Dept.
Saratoga Public Library
Saratoga, NY

"You are indeed a star, motivating and including children of all ages and abilities-not to mention a librarian who found a new side of herself behind that glorious monster mask!"
Linda A. Champion, Children's Programmer
Morse Institute Library
Natick, MA

"The Singing, Ringing Tree was greeted with enthusiastic wonder by both the children who participated in the performance and those who watched the narrative magically unfold at the Truro Public Library."
Maggie McOwen Hanelt, Youth Services Coordinator
Truro Public Library
Truro, MA

"It was a night full of fun for all of us, actors and audience alike, and a great introduction to the dramatic arts for our youth."
Diann M. Ouelette-Haduch, Children's Librarian
Reuben Hoar Library
Littleton, MA

"Everyone, young and old alike, thoroughly enjoyed participating in an inspiring performance with a heartfelt message. It was wonderful having something beautiful to celebrate during our current time of world turbulence."
Gayle Murphy, former Children's Programmer
Sherborn Library
Sherborn, MA

"It is not often that I see a performer who is adept at getting older children to not only remain attentive but also to participate in an educational program (Zap!)...The program was fun, smart, and highly recommended...You've definitely raised the bar for future performers."
Teresa Maturevich, former Children's Librarian
Norwell Public Library
Norwell, MA

"I heard many, many wonderful comments from parents this week about how great you were and how you made a "school subject" really fun and interesting for children and their families."
Mary Ellen Siniak, Children's Librarian
Seekonk Public Library
Seekonk, MA

"...and even the middle school kids, who we have a hard time getting to do anything, really got involved and Sarah went right along with their excitement wonderfully. I can't say enough about her creativity and flexibility."
Maureen Hartman, former Children's Librarian
Watertown Public Library
Watertown, MA

"We absolutely love ZAP! Sarah Salerno, you are terrific. The program made wonderful use of humor, audience participation, and drama to convey accurate and essential safety information as well as the scientific facts. We'd not seen hard science conveyed in a funny, theatrical program before and we were amazed to see how well it worked."
Judy Paradis, former Program Coordinator
Robbins Library
Arlington, MA

"Children from pre-school up through grades 6, 7, and yes, even high school enjoyed this imaginative story - Roxaboxen. In no time, you had the audience warmed up to you - eagerly volunteering."
Cathy Charbonneau, Children's Librarian
Blanding Public Library
Rehoboth, MA

"The electrifying thing to me was that you were able to keep 75 children ages 5 to 11 and their parents interested in electricity for an hour."
Nancy L. Denman, Head of Children's Services
Duxbury Free Library
Duxbury, MA

"If all this sounds a bit risky for a library program where you have children of all ages walking in off the street, I promise you that it works beautifully... Definitely two thumbs up."
Kit Cullinan, Children's Librarian
Richards Memorial Library
North Attleborough, MA