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Since 1996, thousands of K-8th grade students in public, parochial, and private schools around New England have participated in Sarah Salerno Thomas' interactive productions. An alphabetical sampling of public school systems follows: Arlington, Ashburnham, Berlin, Boston, Cambridge, Chelmsford, Dover, Duxbury, Franklin, Hampden, Lynn, Marion, Medfield, Pittsfield, Revere, Somerville, Southwick, Tewksbury, Uxbridge, Watertown, Worcester.

Parochial school appearances include: St. Agnes, Arlington; Cathedral Grammar, Boston; St. John Evangelist, Canton; St. Thomas Aquinas, Derry, NH; Notre Dame de Lourdes, Fall River; Sacred Heart, Gardner; St. Paul, Hingham; St. Mary, Lee; Cheverus, Malden; St. Bernadette, Northboro; Plainfield Catholic, Plainfield, CT; St. Ann, Quincy; St. Margaret, Rumford, RI; Our Lady of Hope, Springfield; Sacred Heart, Troy, NY; Msgr. Gadoury, Woonsocket, RI.

Examples of private and charter schools: Kingsley Montessori, Boston; International School of Boston, Cambridge; Shady Hill, Cambridge; Foxborough Regional Charter, Foxborough; Ben Franklin Charter, Franklin; Community Day Charter, Lawrence; Milton Academy, Milton; Beaver Country Day, Newton; Fay, Southborough; Seven Hills Charter, Worcester.

"After the performance, a number of my teachers remarked on how skillfully Sarah managed her many roles and how wonderful the experience was for our students to stand up and become stars in front of their peers. Many classrooms used the production as a springboard for writing extensions and reading experiences. In fact, following the performance one group of 3rd graders convinced the teacher to bring more scripts and plays into the Reading Workshop so that they could practice their expressive reading and acting skills."
Emily Glasgow, Principal
Franklin D. Roosevelt School
Boston, MA

"I have been in education for 30 years and I must say that Mrs. Thomas' show was one of the most enjoyable and worthwhile we have ever had at the Kennedy. She had the audience, both the younger (K-4th) and older (5th-8th) children mesmerized."
Joseph M. Grassia, former Assistant Principal
Kennedy-Longfellow School
Cambridge, MA

"Sarah, you are a model for educators! Showing us how to transform our students into actors and actresses whereby they become "stars" in a theatrical performance and using meaningful and thought-provoking literature was the best!"
Mary Anne Bek, Teacher
Brookfield Elementary School
Brookfield, MA

"Many of the younger students that participated are by nature shy, yet they got up on that stage and performed with such imagination and gusto! And, in regards to my older students: the creativity, detail, humor, and professionalism with which they performed each of their roles was one of the proudest moments of my teaching career thus far."
Antoinetta Ruscio, Drama Director
Sacred Heart School
Weymouth, MA

"The masks and backdrop were beautifully crafted and they also helped the children get into character. I truly appreciated the themes of kindness, loyalty, and respect reflected in this performance... The 6th, 7th, and 8th graders were completely engaged as well as our faculty!"
Jennifer K. Pretsch, Middle School Diversity Coordinator
Beaver Country Day School
Chestnut Hill, MA

"...I think the junior high students in particular really enjoyed the opportunity to actively participate in this unique theatrical production. You have an amazing ability to engage students of all ages... In addition to pleasing the students, your production was also a hit with the teachers. The themes reinforce the values that we work so hard to instill in the children in our own ongoing Virtues program, and the teachers were especially appreciative of that."
Mrs. Anne F. Clough, Principal
St. Joseph School
Holbrook, MA

"This creative show not only coordinated with our second grade fairy tale unit, it sparked general interest and excitement for the performing arts throughout our K-6 school... In fact, so many of our students were inspired by your production that a fifth grade class is planning to produce their own version... I am amazed that the older students continue to be motivated this long after your appearance."
Shirley A. Anop, Teacher
William E. Norris School
Southampton, MA

"Particularly inspiring was the reaction of the middle school students in grades 6-8. They were fully engaged in the interactive parts of the performance, and the message was not lost on this age group. of our students was so engaged he sang his part impromptu and brought the house down."
Monica Haldiman, Principal
Sacred Heart School
Boston, MA

"I had never seen an act like yours. It was marvelous how you were able to incorporate a dozen students into the performance and guide them in ways by which they would experience success and gain confidence in themselves. You brought out the best in some of my most challenging students and provided memories for them to hold onto for the rest of their years."
Greg Landry, former Principal
Hoover Elementary School
Melrose, MA

"You did a fabulous job of keeping a large group of multi-aged children engaged, entertained, and enthusiastic. The children appreciated the manner in which you addressed them and the respect you gave them. You managed the group with ease, friendliness, firmness when necessary, and lots of humor."
Elisa Pitkin, Director of Education
Harborlight Montessori School
Beverly, MA

"The parents in the audience were amazed at how wonderful the students played their parts. The older students (those in grades 5-8) seized on the improvisational opportunities and truly made the play their own. Your work brought their creativity and interpretation of this play to life."
Cindy Brandi, former PTO President
Sacred Heart School
North Quincy, MA

"The children selected for the specific parts of the play were a surprise to many of the teachers, particularly in the manner in which they played out their roles. Your coaching and assistance helped carry the presentation in a manner that seemed the students had been rehearsing for weeks. It only helps reinforce what we as educators already know... we need more theater arts in our schools!"
Jean Dorcus, former Principal
Dennis C. Haley School
Boston, MA

"The artist did all of the preparation and held our students in thrall with only her voice and a story! This feat is even more astounding when one realizes that our middle school students were as engaged in this as our kindergarteners. I would certainly recommend that every school treat themselves to a performance. It is an unforgettable experience for children (and adults!) of all ages."
Maureen C. Simmons, Principal
St. Agatha School
Milton, MA

"I loved the energy or electricity of your voice to demonstrate the ideas of Zap! The concepts and information coincided with the curriculum. The creative way in which the audience interacted held the audience's attention."
Joanne Fagan, PTO Enrichment Committee
Robin Hood School
Stoneham, MA

"Sarah has the gift of words in the poetic way she sets the stage and the audience's mind... As the actors changed, so did the nature of the play. The older students (5th - 8th), while thinking the format was a little young for them, really got into the characters and made it a really different play."
Kathleen R. Tosiello, Vice Principal
Our Lady of the Assumption School
Lynnfield, MA

"Children of our school seldom have the opportunity to be involved in such a production, and it was great to see some unlikely children perform with such depth of character and enthusiasm. Given that role playing has been promoted as an effective educational tool, I believe that Sarah's program teaches children by means of purposeful participation and creativity, both essential for meaningful learning."
Kelly Seager, Music Specialist
J.R. Briggs School
Ashburnham, MA

"Your three presentations to three different grade levels (K-2; 3-5; and 6-8) were imaginative, well-presented, valuable, and appropriate... It was clear to me that not only were they entertained, they received your most important message of kindness, kindness, kindness."
Kathleen J. Caulfield, Vice Principal
Holy Name Parish School
West Roxbury, MA

"We loved having you here. You really captured the imagination of the audience and had them enthusiastic and engaged all the way through."
Amy Belastock, Lower School Head
Shady Hill School
Cambridge, MA

"Sarah interacted beautifully with our children who represented a wide range of ages, interests, and abilities, and immediately made them feel comfortable, confident, and willing to take the risk to step up onto the stage to perform with her. This performer also drew raves from the parents, teachers, and other community members in our audience. Sarah is indeed a masterful storyteller who has the personality, charm, and dramatic flair to make any fairytale or folklore come alive. I highly recommend her as an entertainer of children of all ages."
Diane Fischer, Assistant Principal
Douglas MacArthur School
Waltham, MA

"Sarah brilliantly casts the production on the spot, directs right before our eyes, and (with the help of talented children) unravels a dynamic and humorous story. This spontaneous, improvisational experience connects the actors and audience through a "predictable" fairy tale that is anything but predictable!"
Leigh Doherty, Lower School Director
International School of Boston
Cambridge, MA

"I never realized how creative our students could be! The show was most enjoyable since we knew all the "actors" and "actresses." Keep up the great work!"
Sister Corinne Gurka, Principal
Mater Dolorosa School
Holyoke, MA

"Our students were in constant awe and wonder watching your performance. Your excitement, energy, and talent enticed the children to want to participate. You possess a great rapport with your audience; you're entertaining, knowledgeable, and enjoyable. I would highly recommend your program."
Mary E. Elias, Vice Principal
St. Michael School
Lowell, MA